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Facebook Photo Album Links

Facebook seems like as good a place as any to put one's photos, so here are links to the albums I have set up on my account there:

Miscellany. Just some random pics

Modular synth. Photos of my synth (most are hereabouts anyway)

Holiday snaps - North Wales '09. A short break in North Wales, 2009

Holiday snaps - weekend in York, 2008. A quick weekend away in York, 2008

Holiday snaps - South-East Spain 2007. Some photos from my trip to Spain, with friends Karen & Rod, in 2007

Holiday snaps - South of France 2006. Some photos from my trip with Karen & Rod to France, in 2006

Skiing photos. I used to go skiing every year (from 1983 to 1995) and have loads of pictures of the various resorts I skied in. They are all colour positive slides (Kodachrome 64) and when scanned come out with a horrid purple hue to them. I finally discovered a way in PaintShopPro to make them acceptable (they are still quite 'bluish', but at least I am now happy that they are publishable!).

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